amy jolly founder of francis river

About the founder

I'm Amy, the founder of Francis River. I'm a little bit awkward, I suck at small talk - give me deep and meaningful any day. I love a good oat chai latte, or if it's after 12 pm a spicy margarita will do.

The name ‘Francis River’ is derived from my Father’s middle name, Francis and my Son’s first name, River. Francis embodies the timeless nature of our pieces, while River represents the future-focused ethics we’ve founded the brand on.

Growing up in a family of creativity is what has given me the confidence to bring this label to life.

My grandmother was a seamstress and milliner -  her skill and art of tailoring inspired me on my journey into the world of Fashion. Many afternoons spent being a real-life mannequin while granny pinned and hemmed fabrics around the clock to make classic dresses and matching sets for my siblings, cousins and extended family were all part of the norm for me.

I went to (dropped out of) fashion school a looong time ago with the intent to work within the fashion industry in some capacity. I've had some incredible opportunities and worn many different hats within some well-known international fashion houses.

Over the last 10 years, sustainability has become more than just a passion in my life and even more so recently since having my son, River.

Francis River has been living in my head rent-free for too long, so here we are.