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TTK Collective

Meet Janelle Rawlins & Nicki Edmiston; the Founders behind TTK Collective and now their new brand Mindful Merch. After beginning their journey in the fashion industry in 2012 with their own ethical fashion label - TTK The Label, they've learnt a lot between then & now and sat down to share some of their insights with us.

janelle and nicki ttk collective

What is TTK Collective? Break it down for us

We are an ethical and sustainable manufacturing hub, with production facilities located in Vietnam and Bangladesh. Our mission extends beyond just manufacturing; we collaborate closely with our partners to provide not only production services but also mentoring and guidance to assist them in establishing their brands successfully.

Why did you get started?

We started TTK Collective from a deep-rooted passion for ethical and sustainable manufacturing because we believe that these elements go hand in hand and you cannot have one without the other. Our journey began with our own label with our own production house team, which inspired us to establish a platform that would facilitate and promote accessibility to sustainable practices for other brands. Whether these brands were already established and seeking to expand and transition their supply chain towards sustainability or startups in the industry in need of guidance and support to successfully launch their own brand, we wanted to leverage our extensive experience and lessons learned from running our own label for 12 years.

We recognised the need for a collective approach to drive change within the industry and by forming TTK Collective, we aimed to create a community where brands could come together, collaborate, and access resources to implement ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. We firmly believe that by combining our expertise, sharing insights, and supporting one another, we can collectively transform the fashion and manufacturing industry into a more sustainable and ethical industry for all.

ttk collective production team


Where does TTK Collective draw inspiration from?

We both have busy lives outside of the business so it's important for us to keep our cups full with taking intentional time to do things that we love or spend time with friends and family to keep inspiration flowing as it can be easy to just get into the rhythm of business day in and day out and keeping on top of to-do lists.

What have been the biggest challenges of creating your brand?

I think with all small businesses one of the most significant challenges we face is the need to fulfil multiple roles, even in areas that may not align with our strengths and passions. However, embracing this challenge has undoubtedly contributed to our growth and expansion. It highlighted the importance of incorporating well-defined procedures and processes into every aspect of our business operations. From this, we have gained a better understanding of each part of the business and where each of our strengths and weaknesses lie but also of how to effectively maintain a streamlined workflow.

What does the future of TTK Collective look like?

We are currently expanding our team and resources so we can offer our services to more brands which is an exciting growth phase for us. We are also launching our own blank apparel brand, Mindful Merch, which is set to revolutionise the market by offering premium ethical and sustainable blanks.

mindful merch

What is one sustainability tip or mantra you'd like to offer to others?

We believe that the decisions we make in the present have profound implications for the future. In light of sustainability being a continuously evolving journey, it is important that we remain informed about sustainable practices and consistently opt for better choices. While it may be unrealistic to expect everyone to tackle every aspect of sustainability, each individual can contribute by taking meaningful actions within their capacity. Together, by staying informed and making conscious choices, we can collectively make a positive impact on sustainability.

Follow Janelle & Nicki's journey at TTK Collective & Mindful Merch.

Written by Francis River

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